vashon island

This past weekend, a beautiful group (including lots of Missouri lovelies!) got together to celebrate Sam and Galen tying the knot. We spent the weekend exploring Vashon Island, starting with a beautiful ferry ride across the sound.

Sylvan and I thought it would be a good idea to bring our bicycles, with hopes to pedal around the island. It wasn’t until we arrived that we realized the island was made up of oodles of hills. Way too many for these weak legs to try and get around on! So, we settled on driving. This did allow us to see a better part of the island we might otherwise not have considered.

According to Wikiwiki, Vashon is only 37 square miles, which is about 60 percent larger in area than Manhattan, with about 1/150 the population. Wowzas, Manhattan, you’re out of control! The island is very rural, but has a delightful main street and well-attended weekend farmer’s market.


We spent a good amount of time on the beaches, or at least the ones we could find. A lot of the beach front is privately owned, so we had to take a few chances. The lighthouse public beach was a great spot, with quite a few people hanging out in the sandy rocks.


After lots of side street exploring and taking seemingly private drives, Sylvan and I came across a very special boardwalk at the crossroads of Sylvan Parkway & Sunset Paradise Beach. How lovely is that?! It was nothing short of perfect and the sunset was purple magic.


As Sylvan and I were on our way to the wedding, we accidentally walked up to the wrong party — a sports-wearin’, volleyball-playin’ family reunion of sorts. As we were walking away, hopefully unnoticed, a sweet man came out of his house and asked if we needed help. We mentioned that we meant to go to one house over. He laughed a bit, told us a few short stories, then came in closer, excitement filling his eyes.

“Before you head over to that special wedding of yours, I want you to head towards that ponderosa, hug a left, and walk down to the most beautiful lilypad pond. No one around here takes much time to appreciate it and it deserves a bit more recognition.”

I was elated! We took his advice and saw the sweetest lilypad pond, hidden behind the layer of trees.


Everything about the weekend was splendid. Square dancing, ferry rides, live music, fresh, delicious tacos, Sam and Galen getting married… it was a perfect adventure with beautiful people. And like I said, it was a bittersweet Missouri get-together. The Missouri folks might playfully give Leila (and now Sylvan) a hard time for being west coast “outsiders”, but I sure wouldn’t have it any other way. No doubt about it. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of lovelies.



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