I’m moving my blog!

(Still WP, just without the in the name!)

I just want to send out a note letting you know that I am moving my blog — but it’s a very non-dramatic move. Like, when a (favorite) neighbor tells you they’re moving, and after a short pause — enough time for your heart to drop and salty tears begin to fill your eyes — they proceed to tell you that it is just a few houses down or on the next street over. It’s that kind of move.

I call it “The Bettasso” move.


It’s a small move with BIG opportunities! I actually just moved my blog over to, which changes my site from to a more lovely Right now I have both sites still active, to hopefully help  all the little steppers find their way. But they don’t update together, and I don’t really want to check on two, nearly identical blogs for too long…  So — if you would pretty please take a moment to update your Feedly/feedburner/RSS Reader — whatever you use — to my new web address, that would be much appreciated! 

When I came back to wordpress last year, (I…tried out Typepad for a year…Which I wasn’t too keen on and didn’t want to pay $120 each year to have a personal BLOG) I was sad to see that it had removed so many of it’s general features and made them “Premium.” (kind of like Typepad, ironically!)

But, I am happy with my move back to WP, and will be happy soon again with my even more recent move to the side. Switching over to .org allows me to customize the CSS however I like. I can also use plug-ins, which I find very helpful. The sad thing is that I will no longer show up in the WordPress Reader, and some of the simple features, like the super fun Like button, have been removed….for now at least. 

Some of the first things I updated were some basic CSS changes. I love my theme, but the whole uppercase font was a bit much. And I wanted to be able to better customize colors, dimensions, sizes, etc. The free customizable option is kind of silly. I tried it and it didn’t make much sense, as it worked sometimes, and sometimes took on a mind of its own.

This is my site before and after the two or three  simple CSS changes that I wasn’t  able to do in the sector. Oh, the excitement!


Picture 1


Picture 2

Ahhhh, what a nice change of scenery. I can already breath more deeply. And I will probably be able to sleep better at night, knowing that my site is on it’s way to a better home. 😀

So, I am in the process of setting up my Feedly RSS Reader  (which I love!) to follow all of my current wordpress follows (they sure don’t make this an easy transition…) If you would please take a moment to update my new web address in your reader (minus the WordPress reader. That won’t work.), that would be so lovely! This small action will help keep me from feeling like a total silly face with no friends.

Thank you so much!

  1. Teresa Brothers

    I hope I’m still following!! And I love the Bettasso reference 😉

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