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Weekend Wandering // Florence OR

We spent one of our last 3-day fall weekends on the Oregon coast in Florence. (FYI, This is late posting! Trying to get back into a posting schedule. We’ve been BUSY bees working lots!)  Sand dunes cover a large portion between the ocean and the highway in that stretch of southern coast, creating a wide area of recreational enjoyment. A majority of people bring their ATVs , but there are a few of us who take on the dunes by foot.

jcrew model

We spent some time at the Jetty, which is a beautiful long stretch of skinny beach with crashing waves along both sides. We stayed rather close in since the water seemed quite unpredictable. Where we did explore, the sand and grass created a beautiful contract of color and texture. The photo below was my most favorite shot at the jetty.

jetty colors whats over hereat the shore ponderstick maze shadowplay3

Lots of great shadow play. We don’t always get this much sunshine on the Oregon coast, but when we do– my oh my it is lovely!

shadow play2

The beach grass was so tall it was hard to see one another from even a short distance. When I did get glances of Sylvan peeking from across the way, it was rather romantic. If only Jane Austen were there to narrate. 😉

in the tall grass shadowplay jetty aves

I did quite a bit of bird watching. There were dozens and dozens of birds wading in the shallows. There were only a handful of other visitors on the north jetty, which made the spot seem quite remote and relaxing. Sylvan spotted a great heron standing just out of the water on the bank one evening. It was statue still and beautiful.  It’s always a lovely site to see a heron or egret (or a handful of other not-so-common birds). It seems like one should have the pleasure of making a wish each time they spot a bird of such size and beauty.

aves jetty beach dunes hedgedunes color2 journaling selfie dunes

One morning, while Sylvan cast his line in the lake, I walked up one of the large dunes to look down on the park. Walking up the dry sand was a task in its self! I was huffing and puffing by the time I reached the top! My calves were burning, but gosh darn it felt good!

sand dune

The photo above  is a view of my southwest, below, a view of my northeast. Sylvan was tucked in the right corner behind the trees, casting away on the dock.

florence lake 2Florence lake

It is also a treat to see so many beach strawberries! The fact that they survive in the sand and salt is amazing. And the colors are beautiful against the white ground.

Strawberries  flowers on coastjessiebessdunes color

Our quaint yurt for the weekend. I dream of one day having a yurt in my back yard. 🙂

coast with birds

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