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Weekend at Mt Hood

We spent a nice, long weekend in the Mt. Hood wilderness along the Sandy River (Thanks to Leila’s awesome planning and organizing skills) to celebrate Wes’ birthday, another year spinning round and round on this awesome earth! In the week leading up to our getaway, I was pretty stressed out. Maybe it was work, maybe it was stress remnants from moving, maybe (most definitely) it had something to do with PMS, but whatever it was, I was a stressed out lady. Luckily, we were able to have a nice, meandering drive up to Rhododendron, Oregon. We took our time on the road, enjoyed the scenery, and we were the first to show up at the house we would call home for the weekend. It was a great way to spend a Saturday, especially a Saturday I foresaw as being, well, stressful.

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Leila and Wes arrived with River soon after, giving us some time to settle in and catch up. Before long, Jason, Erin, and Derek pulled up, with Margot the dog in tow, ready for some romping and running around! We were in ear shot of the river, which enticed us all weekend long. There was a nice path through the neighborhood that lead us straight to the rocky shore so we all put on our walking shoes and set out for a sunset stroll. It was amazing how many trillium patches there were! For being such a populated area (vacation houses galore) it was quite amazing to see so many in bloom and still in the ground.


I’m so glad Erin gathered us together for a group shot. It would have been sad to leave the weekend without a token of remembrance (oh, the irony of photos and recalling times past…). Slumber party weekends are always the best weekends and these photos will remind me of so many different stories and events from the three day birthday extravaganza. Even though we only snapped one group shot, it will always remind me playing hilariously funny board games, hot tubbin’ in 104 degree water (yes, there was a hot tub and yes I think it may have been too hot.), sharing high school stories, walking to the river, gathering around a big wooden table for delicious group dinners and bountiful breakfasts, and having awesome conversations with one or two people at a time.


Sunday was spent hiking around the Zigzag area. We were set on going to Ramona Falls, but by the time we actually started our official hike in, we weren’t left with enough daylight hours to finish the seven mile loop. We decided to go halfway in, take a leisurely lunch break, and return back to the trailhead. It was long enough to leave us tired and content.


Sylvan brought along his Canon SLR film camera, which I most thoroughly enjoyed. He was having a hay day setting up macro shots and composition. We have yet to develop the roll, as I want to make sure it goes to a decent developer (which Corvallis currently lacks.) I am excited beyond words to see his photo work though!


And Mt. Hood in all her snowy majesty! We had some beautiful views of the rugged detail and snowy shadows. It was so neat to see the mountain RIGHT THERE.




And the final round of our trip was spent along the Sandy River in Estacada. Sylvan gave Wes a fly fishing pole for his birthday, so they spent the better half of the afternoon working on their casts while Leila and I enjoyed riverside time and some poetry. The photos below are actually of Estacada Reservoir, which wasn’t really fishable, but it was nice and was just a hop and a skip from the river. The Sandy though is beautiful — bright in color and colder than cold! It was a nice relaxing way to finishes off our weekend getaway in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.


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  1. Judith Hyde

    Wonderful weekend! And that rushing river is my favorite type of waterway. Jealous! 🙂

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