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Passion // Profession // Purpose

I attended an amazing conference this past week in Hood River and came out of it full of emotion, motivation, creative thought, and reflective insight. One of the topics was on “doing more of what you love” with a focus on realistic time management. It was a positive spin on the destructive myths about time, or lack there of.


Two things I decided to do right away:

Create a visual story board and to-do list and have it displayed where I can experience my needs, wants, passions, and tasks in a space that moves me to be creative.

One of my first goals is to take my photography more seriously and better realize my potential and natural talent — so as a reminder, I created my own version of the passion/mission/vocation/profession diagram to kick off my creative adventure! I want to unite all of what moves me into a more cohesive being and this makes for a good place to set sail. 😀



Sylvan is so super awesome and, in realizing I was on a creative kick, he sat down with me to brainstorm some wonderful project ideas. His support is the best thing I could ask for and being able to discuss thoughts and ideas with him really helped me reach deep into my intentions and I’m excited to let them bloom and flourish. Whoa, magic!

The other topic from the conference that struck a strong chord with me: Discussion and presentations surrounding the amazing Domestic Fair Trade Association and an extremely active Food Justice organization, Community To Community (C2C).


C2C’s activism is based on the notion that society should arrange its relationships so that everyone has equitable access to fundamental democratic processes affecting their everyday lives. They are modeled after the community organizing strategies of Cesar Chavez and strive to restore justice to food, land, and cultural practices by empowering those so often under-represented in our current food and social systems. Their executive director,  Rosalinda Guillen, who spoke at the conference  is a widely recognized farm worker and rural justice leader. Her words and actions move mountains and continue to echo through the land.  Her altruistic work places the welfare of the people before corporate profits and brings to light the forced labor that is happening in our country.  Read the Farm Worker Mediation, Written by César Chávez

And although I was indoors most of the time either eating amazing farm fresh food or learning wonderful things in a classroom, I was able to step outside once or twice and soak up the landscape. Below are a few shots from my trip, starting with a shot of the Columbia River at 6:45 in the morning:

HRBridge2HR1 HR5

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  1. Alieta

    You are so inspiring. I miss you. Why aren’t you on facebook anymore?

    • Ali-eta! I miss you too. Facebook is just no fun and it was definitely the last thing that inspired me to be more creative. 😀 Do you ever make it back to Corvallis? We should have a meet up and drink some tea or a smoothie or something delicious. I miss seeing your beautiful curly hair and listening to your laugh. 🙂 I can only imagine the new things you have learned in your new life!

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