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*Our new space*

After searching all over this little town for the perfect place to lay roots, the day finally came this January. Even though it took months and months to find the right fit it was totally worth the wait. What better way to celebrate the new year than with a new chapter! We found a beautiful spot that fits nearly all of our needs and wants. It sits on a nice size plot with rich soil, mature fruit trees and raspberries, and a gathering of privacy bamboo and surrounding evergreen. We also have a wonderful housemate, whom adds a lovely dynamic. This is definitely my most favorite shared space to date!


It’s been quite fun consolidating our belongings. We have a lot of complementary pieces, colors, and interests, so to weave everything together into one, beautifully colored tapestry has totally been an awesome experience. (Actually, I’m not sure if Sylvan would consider my ceramic hands “complementary” but they sure do a good job of taking care of our jade plant and providing a placeholder for our growler labels!)

Sylvan has had this wood desk since high school. He and his Mom bought it second hand with college studying in mind. It was his first refinishing project way back when, and it still looks as beautiful as ever.


The southern sunlight completely fills our space. I love waking up to bright light in the morning and stepping out into the main space where the sunshine continues to pour over the entire room! Even on cloudy days, the room glows with nice, diffused light.


Our move-in date fell on the same morning that the big snowstorm hit, so that kind of put a kink in the mix, especially since I had to be out of my apartment three days later. We were left with two days of moving all of our three different apartments into this one, snow covered house. (Add a full night of cleaning my old apartment and your left with a tired, moody girl.) It was a whirlwind of a time –a fun, stressful, tiring, and exciting time!

The snow has since melted and flowers are beginning to bloom quietly as the sun spreads warmth and light overhead. I love the bright colors that are climbing up the willow branches. The pussy willow is just beginning to flower, producing soft, muted catkins. The ones still in the ground are already starting to pop into a flowering flame of oranges and yellows!


The beautiful walnut and oak Lane Acclaim table below came to us by surprise — a super fortunate happenstance. I will save that story for another post, but Sylvan did a heck of a job putting it back together and re-finishing it from the sulky and worn table it once was. He is a magic magician!


When I’m not at work, class, or house sitting, I am in extreme OCD overdrive. I am cleaning, organizing, picking up, vacuuming, organizing, vacuuming some more, unpacking boxes, recycling boxes, and so on and so on. This is a quality I find conducive to getting settled, and even rewarding, but it can also be quite daunting and annoying, especially to others. Our housemate, J,  is probably second-guessing his decision every time he sees me on a clean fest…which is usually underway almost every time he sees me.

But we are now almost settled and it feels awesome.


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  1. Judith Hyde

    Congratulations on your new home! The pix are lovely! I was especially excited to hear about the mature fruit trees, raspberries and pussy willows. 🙂

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