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Mushroom Festival // Mount Pisgah

After waking to a rainy Sunday, we decided to drive down to Eugene for the Annual Mount Pisgah Mushroom Festival, something we have been wanting to experience these last few years in the valley but haven’t had a chance to get down there. 

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There were hundreds of mushrooms for us to touch, smell, and examine and I wish I could have taken photos of each and every specimen. I guess that is what a good guide book is for though. 🙂

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My most favorite new ‘shroom discovery of the show was the Clitocybe odora, which is also known as the Aniseed Toadstool. For those that know me, I really favor anise and fennel flavors.  This can be a problem when I am allowed full control in the kitchen, especially for those that detest the flavor.

Aniseed Mushroom

Fun fact: The fragrant anise odor can give away the mushroom’s presence before it is observed by eye!

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There were so many beautiful colors on display. The deep reds and the dark olive greens were striking to see. Sylvan and I had planned on Chanterelle hunting that day, but this event really motivated us to go one step further in our future hunting and gathering.

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