Holiday Snapshots

A few moments from our holiday trip to the east side (and north 50 miles) of the state.

Rowena Dell3

We took the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Drive for the first time and the views were amazing. As were the skinny roads and stone walls. It was a bit cloudy and the wind nibbled at our noses, but we still drove slowly with the windows down. 😀

Rowena Dell2

Obstructed view vs. an unobstructed view. 🙂

rowena dell

Sylvan got me my very own gorgeous recurve bow for Christmas this year! He has a few other beautiful recurves but they are just a tad bit too heavy for me, so I usually try them once or twice then just watch Mr.Stud shoot for a while. Well, now we can both shoot together! After a day of target practice, we were able to get our shooting range accuracy down to the size of an young adult rabbit at 12 yards out….Maid Marian and Robin Hood forever! <3

 arrowhuntermaid marion

And on the last day of our holiday trip, the whole family headed up to Bluewood near Dayton, WA to play around in the snow. We actually took a few family photos, but those are on my dSLR, so when I get them uploaded I will share one or two of them!

 bluewood-familytime2bluewood-familytime1 bluewood-familytime3


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