Holiday Mulling Spices

Outside of my Mom’s homemade English toffee, my favorite holiday recipe is super simple and beautiful: do-it-yourself mulled wine and spiced cider.

I found a set of small divided plates and thought they would make great holiday serving plates as well as add a beautiful and small table setting to a mix of big platters. I have since used them for a cheese tray, fruit and nut plate, and for a classic (yet updated) school lunch-style dinner plate.

Today I am using them for a make-your-own holiday mulling mix.

This is also a great opportunity to discover some new bulk herbs and spices and your local food Co-op or natural grocery store. They are extremely inexpensive to purchase (way less than buying packaged herbs and spices!) and you can get as little or as much as you like. Once I went fresh (grate your own!) there is no way I can go back to packaged ground spices. It is a world of a difference and makes for some added fun in the kitchen (especially if you have kids…which I don’t…but it’s still fabulous fun for all.)

holiday spice plate-labels
Items to include:
spice or cheese grater
fillable tea bags
apple cider
some special cups for sipping

mulling spices:
whole anise stars
whole nutmeg
whole cloves
dried orange peel
cardamom seeds
cinnamon sticks

1. Grate a dash of nutmeg from the seed & a sprinkle of fresh grated cinnamon stick.
2. With a mortar & pestle, coarsely grind cardamom seeds (remove pod first if whole!)
3. Place all ingredients in a personal tea bag along with one star anise, a few cloves, & a bit of dried orange.
4. Dip into a hot cup of apple cider and enjoy!


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