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baby ella

I enjoyed a visit with one-month old baby Ella and was excited to see her smiling and taking in everything around the room. Sunlight, heat, voices, the smell of coffee cake, the vibrations from a dog running into the room — so much was happening and she was absorbing it all!

We did a little photo shoot and this is a glimpse of what came out of the visit. You can always see more cute baby photos on my Facebook Photography fan page, YSKA Photography. Enjoy!

photography portraits
  1. Love your photos! What a cute little bean.

    • Orsacora

      Thanks, Cassy! She is a sweetheart! It’s amazing to see a little babe don a smile at one month old. For a camera at that. 😀

  2. Carla

    Love the vibe of your pics! This set with the baby are beautiful and very original. Wonder how much you charge for a session of pics of a baby?

    • Orsacora

      Thank you so much, Carla! I would love to send you more info on photo sessions! Where are you located? If you send me an email, jessica.bros[at] (except with an actual @) I can give you better details. Thank you!

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