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Winter Holiday, Reflections, and Resolutions

It wasn’t until the last few days of our Washington trip that I realized I hadn’t even taken my camera out of my overnight bag. It was actually kind of refreshing. I did take some photos here and there with my phone but I usually always have my camera on hand. Having a camera on my person at all times can be somewhat trying. I find myself wanting to capture the moment first on camera then with my own two eyes. I don’t want to forget a moment of beauty, yet I am not fully appreciating the present moment. Hmmm. Something to reflect upon during the new year. [resolution #1]

We did a lot of exploring around Walla Walla. Sylvan amusingly took me by the old, now-abandoned mall on the west side of town. It was amazing to see such a large (and once prosperous?) mall now sit silent, boarded up and covered in weeds, graffiti, and broken glass.


It is refreshing to see a place of mass consumerism (mostly, if not all, imported) like that close their doors for good, especially when the city has a rather amazing downtown full of local businesses. On the other hand though, there now sits a vast spread of worn concrete that will sit vacant for who knows how long.

Enter WW downtown:


We did a lot of exploring downtown. I really like Walla Walla’s downtown. It reminds me a lot of Corvallis, but even more vibrant and a bit bigger. We did more walking around than shopping. I have reflected quite a bit on my buying habits as of late. I tend to talk about wanting to start a project or make a functional piece of this or that and then I come across a very similar item or object at the thrift store and decide it is easier to just buy the dang thing. I want that to change. There are lots of ideas I have in my head and I want to spend this year getting those ideas onto paper and into actual projects. [resolution #2]  First call to action: I am excited to start a woodworking class this month!

The WW valley was frosty and foggy almost the entire time we were visiting. We enjoyed some nice walks down quiet backroads and reflected a bit.

frostyacrefrozehipsLandS frostyleaves

(Thankfully Louie dog can’t read human text…though he did find interest in the sign for a good while…)

no dogs Ino dogs IIwillow leaves

On the last day of our trip, Sylvan took a few photos while we were out hobnobbing with his family’s two beautiful lady horses.


They loved me for a moment….although one might speculate that they loved the carrots even more.


One thing I’ve always loved about horses is their mane. To be more specific, I really love horses with a coat that is darker than the mane or vice versa. [strange fact about Jessica #246] I am almost positive that this strange love for colorful manes is from years and years of watching/reading/playing with My Little Ponies as a kid of the 80s. I am not quite sure how many ponies we had (by we I really mean my sister), but I will say it was A LOT.

photo by Jason Ho/flickr

It doesn’t matter what color the horse’s coat is, as long as the horsehair is drastic in color difference, I can’t stop staring in awe…almost as if a redhead had entered the room. *(^_^)*

So this specific horse mane is beautiful none the less. I wanted to take one hundred photos of the colorful mix of horsehair against its velvet auburn coat. Shades of straw, vanilla, and goldenrod mingled throughout. What a natural beauty!


While I was uploading our few holiday photos we had, I also found a few from our previous trip east, just three weeks prior.  We had made a sight-seeing & stretch stop while we were in the Columbia River Gorge. The bright, celeste sky, the midnight blue water, the faded tans and creams that covered the ground  — it was all so crisp and colorful! It is always amazing to see the color shifts as we move across the state, from the pacific wet west to the desert dry east.

It was also extremely windy!

And that is it for now. Shine bright, amigos!

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