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An awesome visit with Leila and Wes. Always so nice. Wes and Sylvan spent the morning surfing as Leila, River, and I combed the coast. The sky shone silver, spreading glitter across the sea. Everything was saturated with color.

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A mild, cloudy day on the coast can be just as beautiful as a sunny sky. The details of the sky, the sea, and sand just POP and I start to see textures and colors that I missed sunny visits prior.


The velvety sand is carried away in waving sheets as the wind blows the fine granules in rhythmic unison. Shadows become art forms, and the coastline transforms into a magical, mystical forest. I love it so much.

We met up with friends for a few hugs, surf stories, and well wishes. We got to see Amy suited up for her first surf session (yay!)  but had to leave before we could see to tell, as we had to catch a boat heading out to sail the salty sea.


We joined friends and went on a day sail around the Yaquina Bay, along the beautiful coast line, and up the Yaquina river a short ways inland. We had nice weather, with silver-lined clouds and a glimmering, sparkly sun. We saw crabbers with a full catch and empty oyster shells covering the shoreline. We sailed alongside a curvy, scenic coastline road towards Toledo. We broke apart salty, bright green pistachios, conversed as Sly and the Gang sang in the background, sipped on cold brews, and enjoyed a lunch of turkey sandwiches and hummus. Yes, ma’am, it was a good day.

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