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There is something so sweetly divine about the complex, sometimes overwhelming, scent of a rose. It is a sensation that takes over my whole senses!


American author Alice Morse Earle (d. 1911) once wrote,

“The fragrance of the sweetest rose is beyond any other flower scent, it is irresistible, enthralling; you cannot leave it. I have never doubted the
rose has some compelling quality not shared by other flowers. I do not know whether it comes from some inherent witchery of the plant, but it certainly exists.”

This fragrant siren has me in a tizzy. The complexity of each flower and the intricate essence is incomprehensible. It draws me near and tickles my senses, my mind working hard to grasp its mysterious magic. I came across a rose layout from Martha Stewart magazine listing some delicious scents and selections. I have never tried my hand at growing a delicate rose bush. According to

Growing roses requires no gardening skills or experience. Essentially, there are three easy steps:

  1. Choose the right rose for your space
  2. Plant your rose where it will get at least six hours of sun each day
  3. Water regularly

Voila – your roses are off to a healthy start. Here are more details to ensure a summer full of rose blooms.

…I guess it won’t hurt to try… It is amazing to see the the range of scents and breeds cultivated over the years.

According to Texas A&M, there are actually over two dozen different sorts of rose scents, with some roses having a mixture of these various perfumes. The seven basic scents that are most often found in hybrid tea roses include:

-rose- -nasturtium- -orris- -violet- -apple- -lemon- -clover-

Some of the other scents are fern or moss, hyacinth, orange, bay anise, lily-of-the-valley, linseed oil, honey, wine, marigold, quince, geranium, peppers, parsley, and raspberry. It makes sense as to why this power flower holds such complexity. By uniting multiple scents, one can spend hours trying to decifer its scent. For more information on rose selection and know-how, check out


Oregon is well known for its rose collections. Peninsula Park Rose Garden up in Portland has a magnificent display of flowers, with a floating scent you can smell a block away on a hot day.


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