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We had the amazing opportunity to butcher our own lamb this past fall season.  He was raised with love by some good farm friends. It was an amazing learning opportunity and I am so appreciative of the whole experience. It was an emotional experience, though it was also balancing, thought-provoking, and an amazing life lesson. I now personally think it is something that everyone should experience, especially if you are an omnivore and enjoy consuming animal protein. Even though I choose to eat local and organic, pastured-raised beef and poultry when I buy it at the Co-op, this whole experience has really changed my entire perspective on the meat we eat and the appreciation, or lack thereof, that goes into it all.

buck knife and sheepskin

It is amazing how important it is to have a sharp knife.
Knife sheath: a homemade gift from Sylvan. Buck Knife: a birthday present to fit the sheath. 🙂

We just finished the process of tanning the hide naturally (without chemicals), which has been a deeply rewarding experience — and one that has helped me practice my patience. It is a great reminder to see the beautiful hide every day, smile in reverence, and give thanks for the warmth and subsistence the lamb has both sacrificed and provided.


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