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fishing on the farm

Sylvan spent a good part of his New York mornings and evenings throwing out a few casts.  Even though Oregon’s Willamette Valley is full of beautiful rivers and waterways, a nice pond or lake is a great open space for practicing your fly cast, and that is just what we had access to during our week in New York.


Just beyond the farm house is a nice little pond, at perfect walking distance. I really enjoyed taking that walk each day, as new things caught my eye each time, and it allowed for nice reflection time.


We caught some big-uns, as you can see below (though they were too small to make for a good fry, so we threw them all back.) 😉


After Sylvan’s Grampa gave me some good tips and a few cast lessons, I was catching lil’ perch in no time!  (Well, one catch was enough to make this girl happy — actually, two, if you count Sylvan!)



Sylvan was a great sport when it came to me wanting to take pictures of EVERY SINGLE THING. He was just way too cute with his fishing gear and vest to not capture the moment x100. I promise I gave him time to himself to ponder life on that sweet little farm pond.


During the transition from day to night, the golden hour was a sight to see every single evening. The sky was lit up with different swirls, textures, and colors as each evening came to light. Besides the swarms of mosquitoes — which never seemed to bother me as long as Sylvan was in the vicinity — the evenings in New York were just about perfect.


Cheers to pretty places and lovely people!

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  1. Barbara Cowley

    Jessica, We SO enjoy your postings…they are so beautiful and insightful.

    Very nice, again, THANK YOU! Barb & Charlie (Gramma & Grampa)

    PS: We will have to save these until we sell the place, they would be a big selling point, I am sure:) Have a great day!

    • I’m so happy you’re enjoying them! We did so many things while we were there so I am swimming in photos of beautiful things. 🙂 I still have a few New York albums to go…

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