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Fall Forage


We had an amazing time yesterday on a photo shoot with Nakalan McKay, one of my most favorite photographers ever! I cannot wait to see the final photos. I will most definitely share some once they float back my way!  Sylvan and I stayed around for a bit after the shoot to explore some of the wilderness. The fog hadn’t yet lifted, so the colors were bold and saturated. It was a perfect morning for color appreciation — and foraging!


nature photography
  1. I hope you will post more images; I love these but am left with even greater curiosity. Best wishes, rv

  2. Great photos Jessica – especially the third one down. Have you tried spore prints? – Place a fresh mushroom on a piece of heavy white paper, gills down. Place a glass over it so as to not disturb the spores. Leave it of a short time (will depend on the type of mushroom) and when you go back to it you should have a pattern made by the dropping mushroom spore. Different mushrooms will produce different colours. It is sometimes used in identifying mushrooms.

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