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Erin and Jason are in love!

I was super excited and honored to be the photographer for Erin and Jason’s engagement session. They are two very special individuals and I am so happy that they found one another along their bright paths — and are joining forces! I knew both of them from different times in my life back in Missouri, and it was really neat to see them connect and grow so splendidly as a pair! — And now they also live out here in the Pacific Northwest and I get to see them again on a regular basis!

During college, Erin and I enjoyed some dancey gatherings and good music together. At one point, she gave me a lesson or two on the cello. She is an amazing cellist and musician! I remembered going to one of her orchestra concerts at MSU and was blown away by her natural talent.

Jason is also talented in the world of music, but even more so, he has a talent and drive for filmmaking. We attended MSU together and were on the same Video/Media Production track. I got to know Jason really well through film projects, classes, music making, potlucks, and super amazing friend circles. These are two super talented lovelies right here and I am so excited to see where their love and talents take them!

We spent the morning exploring Corvallis, starting with the first downtown farmer’s market of the season. Jason treated us to some of Gathering Together Farm’s homemade potato donuts, which were, of course, delicious!



It was fun to get some action shots at the market, but after a short stint in grassy area and a walk through the booths, we moved on to a more nature-focused theme.

Have a look at what followed during our day of engagement session adventures!


This is one of my favorites, no matter how often I see it. It is so sweet and romantic!

Blanket dandies blanket dandies 2

picture taker 2

duo laugh

duo happy

picture taker1 picture taker2



nature photography portraits style

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