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Central Utah: Words, Colors, and Textures

Central Utah

Pale color bands
stories of the past
Ancient shorelines
sacred and still

Rosy red, emerald and gray
bright rust and vibrant yellow
Quartz, copper, and iron

Navajo sandstone sleeps
a sea of granules rest peacefully nearby
Canyons, distant and near
rugged and perfect

Delicate gold flames
twisted dry
on a desert shrub

Purple desert flower
gracefully displays its color
vibrant yet rare

Recent tracks —
snake lines, lizard prints
deer and elk
now hidden

Salt and sagebrush
carried by the wind
through the dry air of the desert southwest


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  1. Very colorful! You really captured the essence of Utah!

    • Orsacora

      Thank you so much! I was taken away by the colors and textures. There are so many beautiful spots. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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