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Central Oregon: Scenic Byway

We took the ‘Journey Through Time’ Scenic Byway in Central Oregon on the way back to Corvallis. The pass offers glimpses into the geologic and pioneer history of Oregon.  It was high desert and rugged rock, which made me really happy after spending such a nice time in Utah. We stopped at the John Day Fossil Beds and took the self-guided tour, which ended up being a great place to stretch our legs and gain some knowledge. 😀

(note: All of these photos were shot with my Android, which I just realized has been set on ISO 800 for who knows how long… :/ So not the best photo quality…but a fun time was had, with or without crisp clicks!)

Oregon geologists and historians state that this area was once a tropical forest, similar to the lush,  tropical climate of Panama. It was definitely hard to imagine, but was an exciting piece of fun information I had never heard before. Just imagine, banana trees growing wild and exotic animals roaming the land!

And we stopped at a old water mill in Eastern Oregon, The wood was still thick and strong, but had faded to a worn slate gray shade. We read some of the graffiti and thought about the site in action. How neat would it be to still see active mills on family farms and homesteads? I know they’re out there somewhere!

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