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iris, bittersweet, & more seasonal delights

Ants are climbing all over my irises! I’m guessing the iris attracts them with nectar and the ants somehow disperse their seed? Does anyone know? It doesn’t seem that they are hurting the flowers at all, everything seems quite symbiotic. The little ants are actually forming circle huddles in most spots. It quite fascinating!

ants on iris2ants on iris

Currently in the yard: I have oodles of bleeding heart (Dicentra formosa) in bloom in my back yard, which makes me really happy! Bunches and bunches!


Strawberry update:  They are shooting for the stars! I have had them in planters for almost a week now, and they have grown so much! Check out my original strawberry plants here for comparison!


I also snapped some shots of the bittersweet nightshade (Solanum dulcamara) that is creeping around near the back hedge. Even though it is poisonous (both the foliage and the fruit), it is still beautiful to look at from afar! The colors are so vibrant and contrasting, and because of the bright colors, they look beautiful in black and white, too.

bittersweet nightshade3 bittersweet nightshadebittersweet nightshade2

Lots going on, lots in bloom — I am loving the season right now! I look forward to seeing everyone’s garden progress and bloom photos during these next few weeks!

Have a lovely day!

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