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the passing sun and the joy of spells


The sunset last night shone vibrant yellows, contrasted against a bright blue sky with puffs of white cloud. The entire field was glowing gold, but only for a very short spell. With the Coast Range so close, the sun retreats quickly towards the horizon and behind the mountains. It was rather rousing to step into the glow of the field and feel the heat on your face and see the sun on your skin, only to realize a few seconds later you were standing in the shadows.  It’s amazing how quickly we are moving without much notice. We tend to draw awareness when we have our eyes on the full moon as it advances across the night sky or when we are soaking in the fleeting glow of the sunset.


There use to be a board walk that would lead you across the course of the natural area. After the heavy rains last year and flooding in the wetland area, the boardwalk was left in shambles. Sylvan and I walked it for a short while last summer before turning back due to the collapse and leftover decay. Upon returning this season, it was completely gone, with tall grass, weeds, and sticky plants in its path.


When I don’t have the opportunity to see the sun set, I have something else to remind me of the present moment. My sweet friend, Elise, makes these beautiful things called Wallspells. They are mesmerizing. They also bring about so much life and awareness when the sun is setting low in the sky.


The spells are made up of a large crystal surrounded by an array of small, luminous beads of your color preference. Together, they rest atop a small solar-powered display that rotates when, of course, the light hits it. 😀 She puts it all together so perfectly. It reminds me to stop and take a moment to appreciate the light I receive. And even more so, it makes for an amazing wall display as hundreds of prisms dance throughout the space around you! I have a weakness for prism lights. Growing up, my friend Megan always had a prism hanging from her rearview mirror. In fact, I think everyone in her family had one. Ever since, I have had a fascination with the prism dance and have placed the little crystals throughout my home and in my car.

Adding the wall spells to my space adds an entirely new light to the room — literally. 🙂 In the evening sun, the spells come on slowly, but fast enough to quickly fill my walls with glitter and catch me off guard. The ephemeral light show also encourages a perfect time to stop what I’m doing and just enjoy the dancing light and the sunshine in the present moment.

Solar powered artwork for your home. Each piece makes sunlight slowly orbit your room ♥ from Elise McClelland on Vimeo.

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