family flashback

The most precious package arrived on my doorstep. I felt chills crawl up and down my spine as I slowly opened the box. In it, another small box — something so familiar, yet so removed.


A gift from the past transferred and repackaged in the present! A special present most definitely. My sister and her boyfriend had spent the better part of their winter transferring all of our family tapes over to digital format. They worked so hard to give us extended viewing time, instant laughter, and easily accessible reminiscing. What a joy! There is something so special about the little box, besides the contents. Jonna crafted a miniature replica (a perfect likeness down to the scribbles) of the original box that held our family video tapes. Dozens, now all on this small, convenient hard drive. She even included an actual photo of the tapes inside the little box, wrapped around the hard drive.


So magical! I coursed through so many different emotions as I sat there and watched my family from times past. Sylvan was so kind as to sit and watch some of the memories with me. It was particularly embarassing to watch my young self act so bratty at times, especially when I was surrounded by so many postive experiences. There was enough cute though to balance it all out I think…

Picture 1Picture 2Picture 6Picture 7

I love watching how my sisters and I interacted as we grew older. I love watching my parents smile at one another (and to the camera) throughout the tapes. I may or may not have noticed these little bits of silent dialougue as a child, but now it is ever so apparent and lovely.

I cannot wait to flashback again and again! And the clothes! I love looking at all the styles we go through. What a trip. Thank you Jonna and Dave for making me smile over and over again!


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