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Buzzing Bees!

I was a bit sad this past weekend when I went to check the cherry blossoms for busy, buzzing bees, only to hear the breeze and nearby car engines. I remember the little ladies were going crazy in the blossoms last year, so I expected that I would have seen them. Not a single one.

Fastforward to this morning: As I was leaving my house, I walked slowly down my steps to smell the rosemary bush that is in full bloom right now. To my excitement, not only did I catch a noseful of lovely scents, but buzzing filled the air around me! I had chills the instant I saw  (and heard) the bees humming and bumbling in and out of the blossoms!


Amongst all the honey bees, one BIG FAT bumble bee was cruising through the cherry blossoms just next to the rosemary. I tried to grab my phone as quick as possible, but the bumble flew to the tip top of the cherry tree before I could snap a photo. I’m guessing she had experienced enough excitement for the day and having a camera all up in her compound eyes might of exasperated more energy than she had stored. 😀


What a sound to hear the bees working hard, gathering and spreading their goodies! I am so happy that they were here this morning! They always leave me with a nice, humble-bumble feeling. Without them, we wouldn’t have the amazing array of flowers and herbs and bright colorful blooms that we sometimes take for granted.

It is amusing to read accounts from ‘experts’ on why bees aren’t necessary.  One account goes to say:

“There are plenty of food sources that don’t need bees to pollinate. If the bees became extinct, the plants that depend on bees for pollination will die. This will simply make room for the rapid expansion of those plants which are pollinated by other means. Wheat, barely, rye, rice, and corn are pollinated solely by the wind.”

And by amusing, I mean extremely horrific. This would be DEVASTATING. Without bees, our diverse food supply would be completely threatened.


And that is all I am going to go off on a tangent about. I am definitely not an expert on the matter, only a proponent of honey bees. If you want to learn more about the amazement of bees, check out, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education on bees and the environment. is another great site focused on informing the public on current policy and action opportunities. Their mission is to provide the public with useful information on pesticides and alternatives to their use. With these tools, people can protect themselves and the environment from the hazards pesticides pose to public health and the environment.

And one last link from Fairfax County School District, with general information on bees, their environments, and their relationships in nature. It is a great resource for expanding your bee knowledge!


I apologize that I went a bit overboard with the photo-taking, but I just couldn’t help myself — there were just so many pollen lovers! All photos were shot with my Android Inspire phone camera.

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  1. Nice bee shot!

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