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long exposures + fourth of July

This year was fairly quiet lowkey on the 4th. I definitely heard plenty of firework-bombs going off throughout the evening. It always fascinates me to see so many people get so excited about the holiday! I love seeing kids EVERYWHERE (when they might otherwise be indoors) and the spectacular idea of so many community members coming together for an evening. As much as it overwhelms me, it always gives me the happy-chills to see so many (types of) people getting along in a public space. Blankets laid out, family sharing a picnic, people mingling with new friends.

I was house sitting, which may be a slight excuse for not doing much, but nonetheless, I still enjoyed celebrating the day and evening of our historical independence with my sweetheart. Since we didn’t do much in terms of celebrating this year, I will revisit our lovely long exposures from yesteryear. They are too fun to keep filed away!

july4_2july4_3 july4_10july4_9july4_5july4_1 july4_7 july4_8 july4_6

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