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Walla Walla Wanderings: Whitman Mission


We took the Whitman Mission walking tour one afternoon while we were visiting Walla Walla. I was a bit frustrated with the way the information was provided — being that the Whitmans taught the Native Indians how not to be barbaric and how to use tools properly….But I guess we were observing the history of the Whitman Mission and not the history of the Native Indians that lived on the land prior. Even so, it was a beautiful property and former homestead, with the Oregon Trail going right throughout the middle of it. We had a nice walk and talk, discussing the historical events, and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the area.

high road/low road viewpoint self portrait short timer Whitman Mission Whitman Mission Oregon Trail Walk to the top into the brush Thistle on my head Concrete and Lichen Whitman Mission Summit Whitman Mission walk reflection



hiking and trails nature photography travel
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