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Walla Walla Wanderings: Around the Town

Windows Pendleton Brewery Wine tasting Marcus Whitman     Mill Creek Bennington Lake

street plateMill Creek Bennington LakeMill Creek Bennington Lakecollville street Mill Creek Bennington Lake Mill Creek Mill Creek Bennington Lake Marcus Whitman

We spent two more days sightseeing around Walla Walla. Even if it is a place of familiarity, we still brought along brand new eyes. There is so much to see each and every time, with different lighting, colors, and textures. I really enjoy exploring the familiar and have really been focusing on recognizing and appreciating the not so obvious.

When Proust urges us to evaluate the world properly, he repeatedly reminds us of the value of modest scenes.
― Alain de Botton

Some of the wanderings included:

  • Wine tasting in Walla Walla and beyond
  • Visiting Bennington Lake
  • Roaming around Mill Creek
  • Having coffee and pastries at Colville Street Patisserie
  • Driving around back roads and country roads
  • Walking down alleyways, finding art istallations
  • A trip through Whitman College Campus
  • Admiring Alanna’s horses
  • Taking a stroll around Pioneer Park
hiking and trails nature photography travel

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