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a walk in the woods

I took advantage of the sunshine on Sunday and made it a day of appreciating small things.  It started with a solo walk through the wetlands, with the sun shining overhead and a dusting of sprinkles falling every so often. The ground wasn’t drenched due to the somewhat dry spell we’ve been having, but everything was damp and glowing  nonetheless. I encountered more lichen then I have seen all winter long, and so many colors and textures!

Later in the evening, I enjoyed a nice conversation walk along the Willamette with Syl. Lots of colors to absorb and new life to take in. Cherry blossoms are starting to sprout from their buds and willow catkins are growing their hair long. Everything will be bright and colorful in no time! For now though, during the last days of winter, it is nice to reflect on the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and appreciate all the muted colors and tones that tangle peacefully at our feet.

Our walk quickly turned into a treasure hunt.
Jess: on a mission to find willow
Syl: on a stinging nettle hunt

We started seeing small patches of nettle that quickly grew into larger mounds the deeper in we went. We only gathered a small bunch for dinner and some for drying. Syl used his magical woodsman powers and slit open a thick blade of grass to tie it all together (as to keep it from stinging our sweet, delicate hands.)

hiking and trails nature photography
  1. Judith Hyde

    A lovely batch of pix (as always) from a lovely end-of-winter walk.

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