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Utah Desert: Part II

Sylvan did a super awesome job of clearing and leveling a space for our tent. I guess it would be considered a “perfect pitch”. 😀 We had a nice, level plot, with family set up nearby.

In the afternoon, I was lucky enough to enjoy a walk alongside the company of his grandpa. We climbed up a sand dune to a nice lookout of the colorful landscape. He was so excited to be looking out across the canyon skyline! His smile shone from ear to ear. What a feeling! We searched for lizards, but didn’t end up seeing the few I had seen just a bit earlier. The amazing advantage of well-evolved camouflage.

He pointed out some fresh snake marks and we talked about his arrowhead collection and observed the vibrant purple desert flowers that stood out amongst the pale sand. He was happy which made me even happier. The experience made me think about my grandma back in Missouri and her sense of adventure and love for traveling. I always love hearing her stories about the Southwest and her life growing up in New Mexico. I was able to go with her to the Southwest when I was younger and she showed me the land she grew up on and the places she roamed. It makes me so happy to think about those moments, to be able to still enjoy similar experiences, yet under different circumstances and of a different time.

hiking and trails nature photography travel

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