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Utah Desert: Part I

We explored our camp area, which was just south of Green River and west of Arches National Park. We were only about twenty minutes away from Goblin Valley, so we decided to take the RV south and have a visit, but besides that, we stayed around our camp. There was a lot of area to explore, with a wide array of textures, formations, and terrain. We ventured around through fine sand dunes, rugged rock, along canyon edges, across flats, and up and down sage covered hill sides. As you can see, we had beautiful weather and clear skies.

We spent a (very) short time seeing the landscape on an all-terrain vehicle borrowed from Sylvan’s cousin. There was a dirt road that traveled east, so we took it for a while, eyeing different formations and terrains.  I’m not too keen on the idea of ATV adventures, as I would rather walk around and take in the landscape a little more slowly and peacefully, but I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, on my second ridealong, after going over a ditch mingled with a sharp turn, the ATV tipped over on its side and that was the end of that.

hiking and trails nature photography travel

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