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corvallis to the coast

We took a day trip to sit in the warm sand, soak up the solar sun, and breath in the salty air. It was so great to see clear blue skies on the coast…cause you just never know. The pictures below are unaltered besides a slight increase in contrast, but the colors and light are true to the original. I can’t say it enough — it was so beautiful!


While I was enjoying the soak-in-the-sun-and-rest-your-bones version of the trip, Sylvie was enjoying the moving-around-and-stacking-rocks version. Something I wasn’t about to start doing, but it was fun to watch stacks go up, stacks go down, and rocks moving all around. It doesn’t get any better than soaking in the sun while watching a cute boy (sans shirt!) play on the beach and, well, move things. The stones finally all came together to form a small vertical wall of sorts. A lovely piece of unique art :)…and a perfect set up for the next nine year-old whom might walk by and have the time of his life knocking it all down in one fell swoop. Everyone’s happy!  ^_^


hiking and trails nature photography travel
  1. I need those stones . . . and it’s all too clear that you have more than enough. Can you ship them to me here in Colorado? 🙂

    Enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

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