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Sunday Surf and Beaver Creek Birdwatching

Our Sundays are turning into “Surfdays”, which Sylvan is probably more than ecstatic about. It never fails that I shiver at the thought of getting into the water each time, but the second my body feels the ocean, I love every moment of it. It is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences — especially on a sunny day. We put in at Otter, which ended up being a really nice set with bright blues skies and clear blue Pacific water. moolak sundaySurfmoolak2 moss-tache

After our surf session, we decided to stay on the coast and explore a bit of wilderness, someplace neither of us had been to yet. Beaver Creek Natural Area came up on my phone as a place of interest, and it was a State Park just a bit inland from the coastline. We arrived about found out it was a birding sanctuary and a marshland exploration site. It is a super pristine birding sanctuary filled with song and flight — literally everywhere. Houses and nests were posted all over. There were bees making noise through the orchard area and hummingbirds buzzed in and around the viewing deck. Below is a view from the deck of the visitor’s center, what was once a private residence three years ago. I also included a shot through the resident telescope, which was cued in on an Osprey momma and her huge nest. My osprey photos didn’t turn out, but you can see in the fir telescope shot that we had a spectacular view of the nest, just to the right of the tree. You will have to visit for yourself to see mamma bird. 🙂beavercreekbeavercreektelescope

The park actually offers walks in the marshland and hiking in upland meadows. You can go paddling, kayaking or canoeing through the wet marsh as well. The two-mile paddle meanders up the Beaver Creek valley with views of the surrounding Sitka spruce and alder forested hills. We saw a few kayaks in the water, which was a lovely site. What a peaceful and rewarding experience! We didn’t really bring hiking gear or water shoes, so we went across to the other side of the natural area and explored the upland meadow trails. There we ambled up the path, allowing for some time to reflect and to move along at our own pace. There were quite a few flowers in bloom there, and there were more swooping sparrows than I could count. Literally hundreds.

beavercreek Spiderbeavercreek beavercreek beavercreek beavercreekButtercup

Everything is this set was captured on my Android phone.

hiking and trails nature photography
  1. It’s great (and handy when you haven’t got your camera) what you can do with a phone these days isn’t it.

    • most definitely! Thanks for looking. I like your blog theme. I think walking and taking in nature is definitely a great alternative therapy.

      • “Green exercise” I believe is the term that has been coined. Gotta have a name for these things 😉

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