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Opal Creek hike

We spent two days hiking around the Opal Creek Wilderness to collect more info for my assignment, and of course, to take in all of the beautifulness that is Opal Creek. We enjoyed a day hike the first day on a loop at Opal Creek.


My most favorite spot on the hike was definitely la cascada de los niños. It is a place where you could go and just lie in the sun all day long. And for being just off the trail, it was quite private (at least on a Friday…)


We also spent quite a bit of time exploring the rusted equipment in the old vacant mining camp of Merten Mill.


And then enjoyed lunch and some rock climbing around the Opal Pools before heading back on the alternative trail. We were a bit rushed, as to get back to the car to collect our gear and pitch a tent closer to the Little North Santiam River. It would have been great to spend more time at Opal and explore more of the side trails and water falls. Next time!


Even though we arrived on Friday, camp spots filled up quick on the Santiam, and we waited a bit too long to set up on the trail, so we ended up pitched in a little corner at the local camp site — still close to the river and our trailhead for the following day. It all worked out, and we slept okay, but we definitely have a running list of notes for any Opal Creek trips in the future….


hiking and trails nature photography travel
  1. Beautiful clear, emerald water and a taste of history – great shots Jessica! Interesting to see interior photos of Oregon as I’ve only spent time exploring the coast.

  2. Thank you, Kenneth! Oregon has quite a few gems across the state. 😀

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