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Late Summer Wildflowers // Mt. Jefferson’s North Slope

A few late summer flowers we came across on our Park Ridge Trail hike in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness this past weekend. The weekend before, we hiked into the same wilderness, but from the south side of Mt. Jefferson.

The differences in terrain and flora between the two sides is pretty amazing. The north side was a lot drier, but wildflowers still had their place among the rocky landscape. Lots of paintbrush, aster, stonecrop, gentian, and many others (including lots of amanita mushrooms.)


Chamerion latifolium, River Beauty Willowherb

IMG_4821-3 IMG_4826-5 IMG_4834-10IMG_4829-7IMG_4855-21 IMG_4853-20IMG_4952-129 IMG_4967-70 IMG_4969-72 IMG_4972-73 IMG_4989-82 IMG_5006-92 IMG_5004-91 IMG_5043-111 IMG_5046-113 IMG_4943-63 IMG_4966-69

hiking and trails nature photography
  1. Barbara Cowley

    Beautiful as they all are….what a life,

    Love Gramma & Grampa

    • Heading to Missouri this week. The rock formations/shale and limestone in your area remind me a lot of the rock in Missouri. I’m excited to check out the similarities and the differences and take in the scenery. Plus, I hope to explore a few places across the border in Arkansas with Sylvan. I think he is really going to like the scenery down there!

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