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Day Hike at Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek is a short, 3-mile round trip hike just inland of the Oregon coast at Lincoln City. The hike offers nice scenery along Drift Creek, moist, coastal flora, and a beautiful a 240-foot long cable suspension bridge that looks over the finale of the Drift Creek waterfall (which drops 75 feet into the Drift Creek Canyon.) You can hike down to the falls if you wanna climb some rock which, of course, we did. I always feel much more accomplished when I successfully cross obstacles of nature. 😀


The drive there was curvy and beautiful. Over the course of 15 or so miles, we only passed two cars on the very narrow, two lane forest road. When we pulled up to the park lot however, it was completely packed with families and cars. It seems to never fail that just when I think I’m in the middle of nowhere magic land, I turn the last bend and see a park car lot full of cars and people. Where did they all come from??!!


The trail is very clean and wide with flat packed dirt. It is great for families. We must have come across at least ten families and couples on the way down to the falls. Once there, there are some lovely slab rocks to rest on and take in the massive amounts of water falling just in front of you.

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We actually took the “North Loop” for the return trek and quickly realized why no one else took the high road. Literally no one. This detour was overgrown, spiky, longer, and steeper. Little skinny mushrooms covered the mossy trees and ferns were growing every which way. The north loop took us past a bunch of beautiful birch trees, which rustled every so sweetly, and through a forest-wide chorus of swainson’s thrush (among many other songbirds I know nothing about.) Even though this detour added some elevation and length, it gave us a much different perspective than the main loop– which actually made the hike all the better!

Over all, for being such a short loop with high traffic, I wish we would have chosen a weekday to visit, or maybe visited while spending a weekend on the coast, as it was a long, winding drive from Corvallis. Sylvan had actually spent the last few days solo camping on the coast, getting in a handful of surf sessions during a long weekend vacation. Next time, hopefully I will be able to join.  But overall, if it wasn’t for the wonderful company on the trip, I probably wouldn’t have been as happy with the turnout. The suspension bridge was quite fascinating and the north loop was totally worth the reflective detour, but I probably wouldn’t promote this loop as one of my favorites, or close to.

Sometimes, when I start to get anxious and stressed, I come across little reminders like a fortune cookie that says “Getting away for the weekend will help clear your mind.” I was definitely in need of some renewal time and getting into a natural setting really helped this girl.


hiking and trails nature photography travel
  1. Laurie Halsey

    Hi Jessica! Kimberly showed me your blog, and I think it is so creative and superbly nature-oriented. Lovely photos, good suggestions for hiking, interesting perspectives, poetry and all. Good for you for putting it together and for sharing it. Happy wishes, Laurie Halsey

    • Thank you, Laurie! You just made my day! Thanks for looking around and for sharing your sweet words. If you would like to receive updates about my most recent adventures and escapades, you can always subscribe via email at the very bottom of the page. Best to you!

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