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Chip Ross Walk

With the regular Friday night wine tasting cancelled in observation of the holiday weekend and the evening off, I decided to take the time to do some more spring cleaning around my place. Once I got home though, the clouds started to pull apart and the sun shined brightly through the cotton candy cracks. All I wanted to do was be outside and soak up some vitamin D. Sylvan was up for a walk, so we went over to Chip Ross Loop for a nice, relaxing evening walk. Moss covered oak trees are scattered throughout the trail, twisting and tangling seemingly into the clouds high above my head. Oak trees are very unique and lovely to see, especially among the straight and narrow fir trees that seem to have the run of the place.


The park consists of a 1.5 mile trail through forest and hilltop habitats of upland prairie and Oak savanah. Once at the top, you get beautiful views of Corvallis, the Willamette Valley, and the Coast Range. Since it had been raining these last few days, it was muddy along the path, so we had a to take a few side steps since we just had on our walking shoes.

fallenOak oakatChipRossviewfromChipross

I wonder if there is funding to manage the park and keep invasives from spreading throughout the nature space, as there are quite a few splashes of scotch broom…. There must be some sort of trail restoration and invasive species removal project through the Greenbelt Land Trust, or the Institute of Applied Ecology. I always love a good volunteer opportunity!

We saw a few wildflowers, but I really didn’t expect to see too many, especially along a trail with heavy foot traffic.


These FORKTOOTH OOKOW cluster lilies were starting to pop. I find myself really attracted to their slender, non-branching stems.  There is something so strong and so delicate about them. They are balanced beauties. I just want to give them a high five for their hard work!wildflowerCluster2 wildflowerCluster3

You can definitely see the defined toothlike projections in the center, compared the roundtooth cluster, which is a rounded projection, rather than a forked look.


We also saw quite a few hairy MARIPOSA LILIES, also known as Tolmie’s Pussy Ears. I guess I would prefer to call them Tolmies, just for the sake of it. Quite lovely displays. And fields of daisies!

tolmies1 chiprossfield

And then we came across the scribble tree. Who knows how long its been scribbled and scratched into. We had fun looking at all the names and hearts and romances that came and went. Then right in front of our faces we saw that JESSICA had been there! I promise it wasn’t me, but it definitely made me smile to see my sweet little name. It makes me think of all the Jessica’s that get to join in on the fun — staring down at the mysteriously familiar name. We searched a bit for SYLVAN but had no luck…. 🙂

jessicatree2 jessicatree

…and now for another adventure on the holiday weekend! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely Memorial Weekend!

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  1. Nice photos of the flora….

  2. Judith Hyde

    The path through the woods looks magical. The flora pix are lovely. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • You are always welcome to come visit, Judy! You would fit right in. 😀 We could even attend a Writing in the Woods workshop together. 😀 hope you are well.

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