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Birds of the Willamette River

Floated the Willamette yesterday and experienced some amazing sights (besides the full speed U-turn by the sheriff’s water craft, right next to where we were floating…) Charms come in threes, and I was definitely bewitched and delighted by 3+1!

Sylvan and I spied an Osprey in flight, with a beautiful, wide wingspan. I was so excited to get a close up when it landed on the bank nearby. Then we saw a gorgeous Great Blue Heron land on a water log nearby to stand for a spell. The third was the neighborhood Bald Eagle perched on the edge of its huge nest. I have seen the nest many times driving into Corvallis, but never the eagle. And the extra special +1 charm was the hundreds of Cliff Sparrow nests lining the underside of the downtown bridges. It was a sight to see!

hiking and trails nature

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