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simplifying for summer

It has been cleaning spree 2013 these last few weeks! I’ve been cleaning, re-arranging, purging, and working towards simplifying my space. I have also totally cleaned off my porch, with hopes to get some furniture on there for when the days of summer arrive. It is large and open, and perfect for outside merriment. To help spruce it up, I decided to pot some strawberries and salad greens in my hanging pots rather than add them to the garden…and just in time for the spring rain to start pouring! I have some nice recyclable pots from last season that are still in awesome condition. I plan on using those for Sylvan’s hop plants, which I still need to set up. I also picked up these cute red hangers at the store. I thought a bright splash of color would be a nice addition to the space and a good mood enhancer!


The Oregon Irises are currently blooming in my front scape and I have some white irises in the back by the garden. I love seeing all of the color splashes come in cycles!

p_oregoniris3 p_oregoniris2

My neighbors are so awesome about landscaping. Almost every yard is filled with color and a lot of the houses use native plants and herbs to scape with. (It always makes me happy to see my neighbors collect rosemary sprigs from the huge bush in my front yard.  How awesome is it for a plant to be a source of bounty for some many living things?) My neighbors across the street have two cherry trees that produce fruit. They always remind me that there are enough cherries for everyone, and not to hesitate snagging a few. I feel blessed to live in a neighborhood where lawns are gardens and neighbors are kind.

I wish I would have taken a before photo of the porch so I could have something to compare the final result with. 😉 I will snap some shots of it now, before any more magic happens, so I can at least show some sort of transformation.

My succulents inside have been tough, especially without much sunlight shining down. I hope the clouds part and that ball of fire starts shining through again in the next few days. We all could use a little sunshine love!


gardening nature photography style
  1. Gorgeous irises!! Beautiful photos.

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