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lunch at the Thyme Garden

The marketing girls took to the outdoors for a special offsite meeting and enjoyed an amazing afternoon of delicious food, fresh mixers, and an educational garden and restoration tour. The atmosphere of the Thyme Garden is most amazing, and it is such a treat to be able to experience their garden lunch out there. The garden is primary a beautiful herb and flower garden, but there is also a large amount of restoration, both land and stream.


From the Thyme Garden’s website:

The Thyme Garden Organic Herb Seed Company is an eclectic, non-GMO, earth friendly family business working with nature to provide organically grown herb seeds and herb plants, along with bulk dried herbs, herb teas, herb seasonings and much more. We are driven by our passion to add more to the environment than we take. Our beautiful display gardens offer visitors an opportunity to experience over 700 varieties of useful herb plants from all around the world as well as providing a source for our organically grown herb seeds and herb plants….

Our garden tours with an herbal luncheon are dedicated to bringing people back to nature, and educating them of the importance of sustainability, living in harmony with nature and a deeper concern for all life on this planet with the threat of global warming. In our effort to leave our space better than when we came we are continually improving wildlife habitat on our 80 acres through our salmon recovery projects on our streams and improving wildlife habitat on the land.


Our lunch consisted of fresh tea and fruit lemonade; a colorful garden salad; three varieties of both fresh bread and beautiful, homemade herb spreads; fresh wild caught salmon, quinoa from the garden, and fresh green beans; and a dessert of rhubarb and berry crisp. SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.


After our meeting, we enjoyed some time to walk around the garden spaces and take in all the aromatics and peruse the herb beds. What a special treat!


Obviously, SO HAPPY after an amazing lunch.


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