Happy Earth Day! And our new garden pad!

Happy Earth Day! We have been spending a lot of time in the yard and garden with all this sunshine we’ve been getting as of late. Sylvan spent a big chunk of his free time setting up a little hoop house for our new garden. The plan stayed in his head, with a few scratch drawings here and there. It was really neat to watch it bloom into shape and come together so nicely! Here are a few of the documented progress photos. I had more but I can’t seem to find them at this time. That is the problem with using multiple cameras…


The local hardware store lent us a few tools we didn’t have on hand, like a pipe bender — which was a really neat tool! Sylvan thoroughly enjoyed using it’s simple power. 🙂  This is where I am missing a few of the in-between shots, so now for a big jump in progress.


And the Polyethylene plastic that he used for the walls was from a fallen greenhouse from the winter storm. The snow took down more than enough local greenhouses, which was a really sad way to start off the farming season. Luckily, the farm he recovered the large sheet from was in the process of putting up a new hoop house anyways, so they didn’t lose much crop, and it was nice of them to pass on their no longer needed material. Always remember “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”

IMG_7796-7-EditIMG_7792-3-EditIMG_7801-12IMG_7794-5-Editgarden_progressIMG_7814-25IMG_7816-27IMAG4934 IMAG4933

And the few trays of seeds we have started! Collards, beets, tomatoes, herbs, flowers, salad greens….and many many more that I can’t conjure right now!

IMAG4930 IMAG4937


April Woods: Morning
by Wendell Berry

Birth of color
out of night and the ground.

Luminous the gatherings
of bloodroot

newly risen, green leaf
white flower

in the sun, the dark
grown absent.


And after a week, we have sprouts! Please pay no attention to the NUMBER of sprouts…I went against Sylvan’s instruction of two seeds per shell and put in an extra few sprinkles just in case, as some of the seeds were quite old…He wasn’t too happy with my extra deed and now I have been picking them out with tweezers. It is a good lesson in listening, as well as selecting the best ones fit for survival! 😀


I am not sure if I can remember everything we planted, but Sylvan focused a lot on vegetables and greens while I put in some quality planting time with flower and herb seeds. I planted a whole tray of nasturtiums and a whole tray of parsley, among other beautiful things, so I am excited to get them into the ground soon for full-on grow time!


And we have strawberries! I am so excited about strawberries. Out of the handful of varieties available at the nursery, Sylvan chose *only the best* strawberry starts to bring home. Smart man.


And that is the start of the season for us! We are currently planning out a chicken coop with our chicks set to arrive at the end of April. Sylvan has a cold frame built and ready to be put to use. We have peas and beans in the ground that have sprouted with might! The slugs have discovered them, but I am hoping with the recent rain, that the will grow big and tall and out pass the slug’s reach. We also have a friendly garter snake that is keeping tabs on the slug population and helping keep the cycle in check. 🙂

Shine bright and Happy Earth day to you!


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