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Garden Adventure Time

I finally had an afternoon/evening to work in my backyard garden space. By finally, I might mean that I:

– finally decided to get down and dirty
– finally found my work gloves and tools
– finally bought some compost and fertilizer
– finally decided I wasn’t in the mood to spend lots of money at the saturday market
– finally realized the sun was going to stay out and I better get a move on

…I sure as heck waited a long time before planting — which means I will get to use plant starts…which I don’t mind one bit.


There were loads of really interesting plants just hanging out in the overgrown plot that once was. One of the first things I noticed was the super duper long kale stem that had worked its way throughout the space, sort of like a “feed me Seymour” creature. There was a huge bunch of delicious smelling lemon balm, which I actually left a small portion of in the space. The aroma smells so delicious!  I will need to keep an eye on it’s growth though… Then there was some mint, which I pulled up since I have quite a bit growing around the rest of the house perimeter. Sylvan is going to try to fix the clothing line (you can catch a glimpse of it in the photos above) if he can find some decent wood scraps.

There is also a cute little hideaway spot that would surely welcome a little garden bench. It would make for a lovely little nook.


It was a great way to spend my evening, It was quite meditative actually. As I was on my way to becoming a master rock garden raker. Sylvan finally came over and told me to stop raking as to not make the dirt too fine. oops.

I had some minor skin irritations after completely cleaning out the plot. Some of the things I thought might be the cause were:

Myosotis sylvatica aka Forget-me-nots, or at least so they looked. I found out these baby blues are harmless (if they are what I think they are..) when it comes to skin irritation. They are so pretty, but they were everywhere in the garden plot, so I had to finally accept that what will be replacing them will be a better, more delicious option.

forget-me-notsIMG_0156 forgetmenot3forgetmeflowers

Canadian Thistle – (doesn’t deserve a photo) I cringe when I see these huge spiny weeds that prick you over and over. No matter how much cover protection I use when pulling these things, I seem to always get stung more than I should. I found my knife came in handy for these stickers. Blasted things!

Arum italicum – Looks like calla lilies, but seem a bit wilted and stunted, like maybe their evil step sister plant? I found out that all parts of plant are poisonous if ingested and handling the plant may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. This may have been the cause of my arm irritation.

And then there were flowers and plants that gave me comfort and kinship as I worked the earth. 😀

There was a beautiful lilac bush that swayed nearby. I always seem to get pulled in all directions and distracted when there are bursts of colors around me — especially when it’s a pretty purple popper just over my shoulder!


I also bought a nice array of succulents to fill my indoor space and help keep me motivated and happy. Sylvan gathered some pots to help add an array of color accents. I have really been into blues and reds, and he had lots of blue hued pots, which I love love love!

succulent5 succulent2


I will add more photos as I get stuff in the ground. Sharing the progress will keep me from secretly letting the space go to the wayside…. 😀

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  1. Ana Patty

    I love seeing pictures of that old house, are you guys going to take over Dave and Josephine’s place?

    • Ummm, that would be kind of really rad. Are they moving out? funny you know more than me!

  2. I liked your adventure, it looks familiar. I love plants, too.

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