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It has been quite the scorcher these last few days. I feel bad for those who have to work out in the heat without a choice. I’ve been housesitting the last week or so, so my plants haven’t quite been getting the attention they need. My heart drops when I arrive to check on them and they are drooped and faint from the humidity and the hot sun. I try not to water them mid-day, but it is so hard to see them so sad!

My spider plant (or what I think is a spider plant…) doesn’t have any babies yet — and doesn’t seem to be in the mood to produce any shoots for the time being. SO, I’ve decided to let it be for a bit. To “stress it out.” I guess if it gets a bit stressed, it decides that maybe it’s a good time to send out babies and make sure it’s Kind lives to see the next generation of life on earth. (hmmm….So THAT’S how it works…)

So far, it’s droopy leaves are just making me sad. It’s as if I’m sending an out-of-hand kid, who’s hungry and tired, to time out for an extended amount of time — it is very sad to see. I guess what I’m saying is that I am abusing my plants horribly with hopes that they learn a lesson. So sad. We’ll see how long the stress spell lasts. I don’t know how long I can take seeing sad sulking leaves.

spider sedum

On a happier note, my strawberry and chard baskets are doing good. The berries are very small, but seem to be coming in waves, which is nice. They are turning deep red but not growing much larger than what’s in the picture below. I’m guessing it’s because they are in planters? Any ideas? I did feed them recently, so maybe the next round will be more voluptuous. The heat is also getting to them, as they tend to be quite sad when I arrive during the evening to water them.


And one of the best reasons to have a (clean) porch to hang out on: People watching. I love watching people walk by, humming along in their own little world. Sadly, most are locked into their cell phone, texting into wonderland. Since school session ended a few weeks ago, it’s been a lot less student traffic, which I am completely fine with. Sometimes little neighborhood kids will walk by, exploring the sidewalk and spying on the birds and the insects and the buzzing bees, with their parents just a few steps back. Just enough space for independent exploration. 🙂  Or, I can watch the kids across the street trying to pick cherries from their cherry tree. It’s kind of a pickin’ race with the local birds. I think the birds are currently in the lead for snagging the most fruit thus far.

A pair of cherry-eatin’ cedar waxwings will fly around my yard and rest on the telephone wire, most likely searching for more cherries to snatch up. I set up a super cute feeder that my Mom sent me and filled it with nuts and seeds (with hulls). I am still unsure whether it is getting any attention yet…After pet sitting for some house birds, I found that the pets tend to leave the hulled seeds and go for the more exciting shelled seeds and nuts that are waiting to be broken into. Maybe it’s a better exercise for their beak muscles, or maybe the seeds are just fresher that way…


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And here sits one of the last quarantined plants from the aphid world I was managing a few weeks back. I have been spraying it with a garlic dish water spritz, so hopefully it is on its way back to a full recovery. Poor lonely babe.



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  1. Margaret Bishop

    What a lovely article. The author, Jess, being a sweet and beloved niece of mine sways my opinion only slightly. Jess has the ability to put pen to paper (or keys to typewriter) and concoct a missive that is pleasing to the senses. For some, the senses would be pleased by the gentle taste of chocoate; for me reading the pleasing written communications of Jess is indubitably pleasing.

    • 😀 It makes me so happy that you would (undoubtedly) choose me over chocolate! <3 Love and miss you, Aunt Pretty!

  2. Kaz

    What a lovely blog, I’d love to sit and have a cup of tea and cake with you on the porch and watch the world go by 🙂 x

    • Likewise, Kaz. That sounds like a perfect afternoon. And what good company it would be! I hope we have the opportunity sometime! *^_^*

      • Kaz

        That would be lovely, who knows where the wind will take us. It’s would be lovely to meet 🙂 x

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