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Evening Garden Visit

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to tour a friends’ beautiful garden in full summer swing. She is an active herbalist, so not only was her garden teaming with beauty — every nook inside her home was beaming. Flowers were drying on the counter top, her pantry was full of last years canning crop, floral tinctures and infused oils lined the shelves. Everything had a place and a purpose. It was beautiful herbal brightness.

We spent the evening walking around her garden space, talking about the plants and their purposes, and sipping on deliciously smooth white wine. The bounty was amazing and her dedication, hard work, and knowledge shined through every seed, flower, and root.

1-borage3 copy

1-borage copy

1-blues copy

1-driedn-roses copy

1-flowers copy

1-herbs2 copy

1-herbs copy

1-arugala copy

1-feverfew2 copy

1-feverfew-nasturtium copy

1-flowers2 copy

1-garden1 copy

1-grasses copy

1-grasses2 copy

1-grasses3 copy

1-grasses5 copy

1-grasses8 copy

1-kale copy

1-lavender copy

1-lavender3 copy

1-lavender5 copy

Her and her partner recently added a beautiful koi pond to a small area that was left as pasture. It was wonderful to learn and see how lily pads and their aquatic ecosystem work together. 😀

1-lilies2 copy

1-lilies3 copy

1-lilies4 copy

1-onions copy

1-onions2 copy

1-pea copy

1-unkonw3 copy

1-tomatoes copy

1-tomatoes2 copy

1-unclue2 copy

1-unsure copy

1-unknown2 copy

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  1. Beautiful photography, beautiful garden – well done!

  2. Pat Cowley Hunt

    Oh, how beautifully photographed. and thank you for the awesomeness of the worlds nature!

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