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beautiful fuchsia

Sylvan brought me this beautiful fuchsia clipping today from his class and it is oui oui picture perfect! The textures, colors, and folds are so defined and vibrant — and it is super healthy (well, for the time being…) probably because it was cared for by aspiring botanists and horticulture students! 😀 I can’t stop looking at the intricate layers and how they ruffle like bed sheets in the wind, yet remain so still and quiet! Wowzas!


The original Fuchsia flower, Fuchsia triphylla, was discovered in 1696, in what is now present day Dominican Republic and Haiti.

1890s Illustration

1890s Illustration

Skip ahead 234 years to 1930 when it was brought over from Europe to the U.S. and cultivated at the University of California Botanical Garden in Berkeley. (Thanks for Wikiwiki for that bit of lovely knowledge.)

There are currently 122 species of Fuchsias around the world! I would definitely recommend an image search, it is amazing to see all of the different sizes, shapes, and colors!

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  1. Your images are truly beautiful!

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