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Weekend Adventures!

It has been a busy week with lots going on, and a lot of beautiful colors filling the air! I have quite a few photo adventures to post, but haven’t had the time to go through the roll yet. And now we are planning for a weekend camp trip, so it’s looking like my writing time will be delayed a bit longer… BUT until then, here are two things that make me so happy:

1. I scored a pair of Carhartts in great condition at a yard sale!

And they are a puuurrrrfect fit! MEOW!  Thanks to Sylvan’s eagle eye, I can mark these babies off my list of “must wants”! I’m so excited for Autumn!

IMG_2633 IMG_2632

2. My GF bowl this morning!

I can’t say it enough: It is so fun to create these bowls for a hearty start in the morning! With Sylvan working outside almost all day long, I feel so much better when he starts his day with a rich dish — ’cause gosh dang he works hard! And who wants to eat oatmeal or cereal during the summertime when you got a fruit bowl opportunist on your hands! And this was our start to today, and to an awesome weekend!:


GF Bowl #3 ingredient list:

3/4 cup Oats soaked in water
1/2 cup Nancy’s Whole Milk Yogurt
Dapper Dandy Pluot
Red Plum
Shredded Coconut
Sunflower seeds
Dash of Cinnamon

I find myself wanting to color complement the seasonal fruits. I keep dreaming about a cantaloupe/mango/banana/blueberry bowl. I can just picture the colors so vividly together — and the taste would be awesome! So many options, so little fresh fruit time!


And now we’re off for a weekend of hiking and Oregon magic! And hopefully enjoying some sunshine as it did rain a bit this morning…


foodlove nature nutrition photography style

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