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Rainshine Farm Stand

I went to visit Sylvan while he was working the weekly Southtown farm stand. What an amazingly awesome neighborhood event! It was like a block party for Southtown that happens each week! So many happy people were gathering up their week’s supply of salad mix, fresh fruits and veggies. The farm has an amazing selection of just-picked produce (by a super cutie none-the-less), and it is some of the most delicious produce I have ever had.


I always laugh at how snobby one can get when choosing food (talking about myself here…) Good food is like a gateway drug —

– First, you are introduced to some delicious colorful veggies and food that tastes good.
– You discover that tomatoes and strawberries are actually red on the inside.
– You realize that the despised Brussels sprouts of childhood are actually super delicious.
– You want more of those fruits and veggies, so you search out fresher food.
– You are introduced to organic produce and places like Whole Foods become your locale.
– You start looking at food labels, and rather than going straight to the nutrition content, you look at the ingredient list — and throw it back on the shelf like a wet slug if you see any non-food/preservative/additives/HFCS on the labeling. Thank god you won’t find these things in the Co-op… ;D

(Note: I promise I’m not that snobbish…only sort of.  And I promise I won’t force my religious ways upon you…And yes I will enjoy a box of Oreo cookies or a king size bag of Good&Plenty or some deliciosa comida mexicana with you any day.) 😀

– Then comes the locally grown veggies from large local farms in the area aka farmers market and Co-op produce. You think it doesn’t get any better than this. You are a dedicated local foodie.
– You decide to plant your own garden to have easier access to this food, and assume it will be the best of the best
– THEN you are introduced to locally grown veggies from a super small local farm dedicated to growing the most delicious produce ever. And now you’re truly addicted. To the most flavorful food. You have ever tried.


And that is where I am right now. I’m addicted to the most amazing food ever. And it is from Rainshine Farm. Luckily, Sylvan works there and they also sell their produce at the Co-op. You might think I’m being a bit biased… but I’m not. Stop by their weekly farm stand and see for yourself. My mouth waters at even the slightest glance of their carrots. And their salad greens, arugula, and mustard greens? Wowzas. ^_^

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  1. Aunt Pretty

    Good job you mentioned “Good & Plenty”. As a youngster, even into college, you could be easily enticed by “Chip Beef on Toast” (aka SOS). There is nothing like fresh produce and home grown is even sweeter.

    • Oooo, and Chipped Beef on Toast! Sylvan actually tried making it for my birthday dinner this past bday, but he used organic ingredients….and it was good…but it just didn’t compare to the original. 😀

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