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re-arranging spring clean: take two!

I decided to go to an estate sale over the weekend..and in doing so, I acquired a few dream-come-true pieces of furniture – a set of danish lounge chairs that were too amazing to pass up! So, since arranging my living space into what seemed balanced last weekend, now needed to be re-re-arranged to fit in my new treasures!

birds of NAbirdsofNA2livingroom4bookshelf

Just about everything in the room is second-hand or was gifted — whether from the thrift store, Craigslist, a yard sale, or a lovely gift that I received from friend or family. So many eyes have seen these pieces and so many stories, they contain. I love all the connections they create! And everything seems to have a place and a purpose (sort of…I guess a rock collection doesn’t hold the highest of purposes, except that it reminds me of fun places and spaces!).


Once old, now new! I pulled my beloved brass table out of the closet finally… It had been collecting dust since I moved to Oregon three years ago and I finally decided to try it out in the space. I had found a nice walnut table in the meantime, that until now, seemed to fit the space best.  I love the curved lines with the chairs, more so than the square table I had previously set up.  I am happy that I am finally making use out of such a pretty table!

A bit of a back story: This round, brass table and wooden leg set instantly caught my eye at the thrift store. My grandmother has a very similar table — nicer, but still similar. I find that the furniture I am attracted to is very much in line with the furniture she has kept and cherishes still. I have even found some of the same wooden figurines that she has collected over the years. (Hers though come from far away places and worldly adventures….mine, from living vicariously through her walkabouts.) 😀 She has impeccable style and an eye for modern and oriental pieces. I only hope that I can one day follow her in her travels and not just in her furniture tastes.

tabletop1 wildAmerica tabletop

I decided to cover my heating unit with the longest piece of material I had — a (really long) Ikea curtain — and it was exactly the right size! I’m not sure if I will keep it up, but I thought I would try it out for a spin. Once I looked at the initial photos, it seemed to stand out like a sore thumb. I am still not sure if covering the white elephant makes it better or worse. Any suggestions?


And plants, more plants! ~ My friend Elise dropped off a few of her lovely jade plants for me to love on while she adventures. She is traveling to Wyoming to work in the conservation and land management sector, in partnership with the Chicago Botanical Garden, which is really super rad! I am so happy for her — she is taking the leap to do what she loves!  Every time I lock eyes with my jades, I think or her. If she only knew how many special moments we were having together! 😉


I think this will be my set up for a while. I really like the arrangement and the balance in the small space. Everything fits so well! My porch re-re-arrange will be next! I have been working really hard to make it welcoming!  I’ve already done a bit of spray painting…and mundo amounts of planting! I love nice porch weather!

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  1. Judith Hyde

    Lovely furniture arrangement…and every home should have a rock collection (some of mine were tumbled satin smooth in my very own rock tumbler). Looking forward to seeing the porch re-re-arrangement. 🙂

  2. I love that style of chair. I have one with beat up old cushions. I need to fix it up a bit. Love your setup.

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