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MOO Cards (+ a coupon for YOU!)

I finally got around to ordering some personalized MOO cards last week and the finished product is AMAZING, by golly! I am in love with the high quality and cannot wait to pass these babies out!



MOO does a great job at making anyone look awesome. No joke. Even the least awesome person you know could probably pull off a drop of awesomeness with some MOO on their side. 😀

The customizable templates allow you to add up to 50 individual photos or designs, which I love! You can also choose from an array of already made designs.

As a photographer, I can never decide on one photo that fully encompasses my style (especially when I am promoting an array of adventures, styles, experiences, or themes). With the 50 photo card deck, I can choose 50 different representations of my work. This is a main reason as to why I love MOO.  I’ve used them for quite a few card orders over the years and I always go back for more.



I decided to take a different route this time with my card design. Rather than include my name/phone/email/etc., I decided to make a purely Brightness of Being card set, with all of my social media links and brightness contact info.  My ultimate reasoning is that my outdoor adventures will speak for me. They’ll tell the cardholder who I am and what I do, and where they can find me! Plus, I really like the privacy of not giving out my personal info. :/


100 different cards



So for some tech specs: MOO offers a ‘green’ card, which is made of 100% recycled, biodegradable paper. It is sustainably sourced, uses Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF), and is manufactured using wind power. Their regular card is also sustainably sourced, using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) paper stock. I’ve chosen the green card for all of my past orders, but this time, I decided to try out their regular ECF paper –and, to be honest, I absolutely love it.


What do you think? What type of cards would you make? I feel the possibilities are endless!

I am in the process of putting together photos for a small flip book, but for now, I am completely enamored with these little hand outs. I can’t wait to pass them out! So, as my new cards say, GO WILD & SHINE BRIGHT and make every day the most beautiful day!

100 different cards

And remember, you can click on any of the MOO links on this page to SAVE 10% on your order (through their awesome refer-a-friend program!) Try it! You’ll like it! 😀

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